HMBS in Brief


Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

My favorite discussion lately starts with this question: Where are you strongest, Heart, Mind, Body or Soul?

The HMBS framework is developing organically- it is the tool I am using to heal. But more than that, it is becoming an access point into the very core of the people I care about, common language that we can all identify with, a place to start.

This conversation is especially rewarding with your friends because they will give you insights into the way they think, their personal philosophies, their secret prides. If you give people the space to explore outloud, you’ll end up closer in the end. And in turn, the more you share, the more you can learn about yourself, the way you view the world, and gain new perspectives of your strengths. It’s a lot of win.

I’d like to get this conversation started now, with you. But first, I thought it would be helpful to give the briefest of outlines of what I mean when I invoke HMBS. Not everything will resonate with you- you may have different definitions. That’s okay. That’s better than okay. HMBS is personal, by definition. I want to know what it means to you.

Heart in Brief: Heart is love, all iterations,  bonds. Empathy, passion, dreams. Wants and needs. Connection.

Mind in Brief: Reasoning, logic, introspection, imagination, “a rich inner life”, creativity, thought-patterns, open-mindedness.

Body in Brief: Ironically, mindfulness. Presence. Body awareness, confidence, acceptance. Body chemistry and hormones. Nutrition, athleticism, dance, movement, rest. The five senses, tactile sensations. Sex.

Soul in Brief: Sense of self as distinct and unique, personal philosophy, spirituality, sense of scope in the Universe and our place in it, sense of scope of our bodies and the universe of cells that hold us together; awe of the chaos of the Universe that created sentient creatures with the capacity to try to understand; awe in a creator or source that may or may not have intended for everything to be the way it is at this very moment. Maybe just a healthy sense of awe in general.

So tell me, where are you strongest? Why?


3 thoughts on “HMBS in Brief

    1. Not weird at all. I actually think its more like the goal- to be in touch with all aspects of oneself. Like, I am strong in heart and mind, growing stronger in soul, and useless in body. I don’t even know when I have a headache, or when I am hungry. I am on autopilot all the time, while heart, mind, and soul have secret meetings. I can say I don’t believe being strong in one area means you must be weak in another. You can be strong in all of them. #HMBSgoals


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