Past Musings: Happily Ever After

I found a trove of my old stories and poems and I intend to share. This was published in my college literary magazine Inscribed in 2000, and written my junior year.

Image by Ksenia Sergeeva from Pixabay
Happily Ever After

Late last night I turned the page
And got caught in the wrong story.
"Well shit," I said and turned around
But the same path was waiting for me.

I knew I'd read this tale before,
Something about pumpkins and mice,
And everything would go my way,
'Cause I'd been so darn nice.

But when the prince asked for my hand,
I didn't know what to say,
So I just shrugged and to my feet
Muttered, "No, that's okay."

He glared at me, and swaggered off
And all at once I knew--
I had to go, the story'd ended
And I still had my shoe.

"Well that just stinks," said a castle guard,
"But I don't know what to tell ya,
I'd find a new story if I were you-
You're a lousy Cinderella."

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