Past Musings: Exploring A Metaphor

More from the hoard. This was also published in my college literary magazine Inscribed in 2000, and written my junior year. I’m not editing before I post, even if I’d do things differently now. In fact, that is likely to be an upcoming project. See the poems here first, in their original glory.

Image by Thomas Mühl from Pixabay
Exploring A Metaphor

He's a candle-- throwing shadows 
On the wall I can hide in,
And I want to kiss him--
Taste the flame, 
     But I'm afraid of burning.

I can run my fingers through the fire
If I'm nimble, quick-
Or I can move in close
Until I'm warm again--
     But I don't want to smother him
Or breathe in too much smoke.

If I say anything, my words
Might be wind enough that he'll sputter out
And I'll be left with wax
Burning my fingers for a moment only
Before cooling into indifference.

As of now, I'm too afraid
To warm my fingers, or my lips
And be tinder to his spark--
     Instead I'll wait in his uncertain light
     Mask myself in those flickering shadows
     And hope that I'll find my courage 
     Before the wick burns down
     And I get colder.

Me, 2000 

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